Friday, 21 September 2012

Local paper shows partisan support for undemocratic organisations.

Martin Ellis spokesperson of the undemocratic shadowy self interest group crowborough partnership is looking a bit down in the mouth on the local papers website today.Looking like he found a penny but lost a pound the article tells how Ellis was tasked to get the local businesses to agree that pedestrianisation (actually closing the High Street off completely) was the best thing since sliced bread.The plan was clearly put forward to counter the result from the residents who when asked the same question came up with a resounding NO to the plan.
Since the public NO cp and its associate organisation the chamber of commerce (which Ellis is also a "leader") thought they had enough support from businesses to get a yes from them so they could go ahead regardless of the residents  and their wishes.Unfortunately for Ellis even businesses said no to the scheme so it is well and truly sunk.
So despite the best efforts of the not so great and not so good of the town the residents and businesses of Crowborough have delivered their verdict and its a big fat NO.
Although we can all congratulate ourselves in seeing off this utterly stupid scheme we must be vigilant because I am sure this is not the end to it.In the meantime though well done to everyone who had their say-one up for local democracy and one in the eye of those that seek to subvert it.


Read the comments and it becomes clear why the local paper is not interesting in doing an expose of the undemocratic Crowborough Partnership-they seem to have taken the role of PR for them.


Kent & Sussex Courier said...

For the record, Martin Ellis conducted the 2012 business survey on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce (not the Partnership).

It was not 'put forward to counter' anything - it was a repeat of the 2011 survey which predated the Partnership's pedestrianisation consultation. Pedestrianisation was just one of the issues he asked traders about.

He also made it quite clear he is not, personally, in favour of pedestrianisation at all.

I suggest those interested take a look at the full article posted at

Captain Swing said...

Sorry but I dont understand why a supposedly impartial paper is posting comments on behalf of
crowborough chamber of commerce and crowborough partnership.
Just to put you straight Martin Ellis has always been a supporter of pedestrianisation and has actively sought to silence any criticism of himself,CCC and CP over this subject.Like a bad loser
he is now changing sides to the winning side by saying(or getting you to say on his behalf)that he never wanted it in the first place which is patent rubbish.
For info you might want to look up
principles of journalism especially...

Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise
Its first loyalty is to citizens

Is Kand S Courier a member of CCC or CP -Yes or No

Anonymous said...

Well said Captain!

The article in the Courier also said that the Crowborough "Partnership" was "tasked with revamping the town".
Is one permitted to enquire, "tasked" by whom, exactly? This unelected "partnership" has no authority and is answerable to nobody! I would love to see the minute of any legal authority "tasking" them with anything!

The Crowborough Partnership consists mainly of people who wish to strut the local "stage" without the responsibility of seeking election through democratic channels. Also never forget, they are not subject to any code of conduct, scrutiny or accountability.

An interesting point, does the Courier actually attend their meetings in order to report on their "deliberations"?

Captain Swing said...

Try to pose questions on Crowborough People or K and S Courier about Crowborough Partnership and your post gets removed.Mention Martin Ellis who seems to have his fingers in a lot of undemocratic pies and again your post is deleted.Could this be anything to do with the fact that K and S courier are members of the Crowborough Chamber of Commerce and therefore members of CP-without a doubt.Unelected councillors,undemocratic shadowy organisations trying to run the place and a partisan press all working against the will and interests of the people of Crowborough cant be right.Its certainly not a form of democracy that I am familiar with.

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