Monday, 4 June 2012

Crowborough -repression of free speech and no democracy.

There was me engaging with corporate handyman Martin Ellis on Crowborough People about the undemocratic nature of forcing through pedestrianisation against the will of the public and enquiring about the financing of the Crowborough Partnership.Mr Ellis failed to  justify his position and typically started to make ad hominem attacks when his argument was lost.

What do you think the next step was in furtherance of a mature democratic open debate.

1) Martin Ellis comes back with a killer retort that seals the argument in his favour.

2)I decided that his argument for pedestriansiation had its merits based on Martins mature argument.

3)Martin Ellis whinges to the moderator like a spoiled teenager and gets all my posts removed.

No surprise really -in typical  CP style it was number 3.

If people cannot engage in a healthy lively debate then they should go and live somewhere else where that attitude is encouraged-North Korea would be the ideal choice.

Free speech is dead in Crowborough and laid to rest next to democracy and accountability

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