Friday, 25 May 2012

Scheme for the High Street 'will move forward .

Earlier today there was an article on the Couriers this is Sussex website that proclaimed "Scheme for the High Street 'will move forward'".It went on to explain that despite the fact that residents rejected the schemes at the public consultation and instead opted for the none of the above option (which was "accidently" removed from the option list)unelected Moss was going to push his plans through regardless.His tool to do this is going to be the Crowborough Partnership which in reality is the Town council ,Wealden and a few hangers on.
I commented to say that this was unnacceptable and if any businesses are going to campaign in favour of this unwanted scheme then they must face the prospect of the local residents deciding not to do business with them .
If they treat the residents of towns wishes with contempt and side with the unelected Council then they will reap what they sow and probably go out of business.
Strangely or predictably depending on your viewpoint the story still appears on the index page but if you click on the link it comes up to say that page doesnt exist.
I will be watching this story closely and publishing those individuals and businesses that are supporting this scheme against the wishes of the residents of the town.Residents can then decide whether they want to do business with them or not.

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