Thursday, 31 March 2011

Town Council budget deficit.

All the Councils in the country have commited themselves to a freeze of council tax for this year.

Dont get too excited though because the Town Council have upped their part of Council Tax by 13% over last year.The Town Council seems to be living in a alternative existence whereby the country isnt bankrupt and they can spend as much money as possible on their grandious stalinist plans.Families have seen their incomes slashed yet their outgoings are rising at rates way above the 3point something official inflation rate.You dont have to be told that fuel prices going through the roof have pushed up everything including energy and food bills.
In the spirit of "we are all in this together" you would have thought the council would at least make some sort of effort to reign in their socialist spending binge that has in effect bankrupted the town.The wicked mayoral witch and her retarded vegetables cannot seem to understand that commiting the town to an open ended multi million pound project to produce the most expensive community centre in the history of man is going to come back to bite them.
Its not just the community centre that is getting the throw all our money at it treatment.Despite a huge black hole in their finances the town council sends Cllr Moss off to the drug dens of Amsterdam to see how people who smoke too much dope allow the drivers and pedestrians to share the road all in the name of road safety.Moss must have visited too many coffee houses because he thinks that this is a good idea for Crowborough (at least it will mean an increase in business for the local funeral directors).No costings-its just decided that the Town Centre will be a battle ground between cars/lorries and little old ladies.Even Moss doesnt have a clue how much money this would involve but he doesnt care because he can get together with his old lady and they can decide that we are all going to pay for their looney tunes plans.
Given that the council has very little tangible assets(lots of assholes though) there must come a time in the not too distant future that the liabilities will outstrip its assets.The country park is a total waste of time and money which could be sold off,the old community centre could be sold off,the new community centre could be scaled back to just a community hall,the town hall could be sold off and the vegetables could move to the underutilised Pine grove that we have just paid for new double glazing.The vegetables could then cease funding for all the useless community projects like Clued Up indoctrination centre and the towns finances might look a whole lot more healthy than they are at the moment.
Unfortunately the chances of any of this happening are zero because a majority of those on the council have the financial accumen of a kid in a sweet shop and the intelligence of a retarded ameoba.The wicked witch seems to think that the council is her own to do with what she pleases and to rule with a rod of iron.The councillors seem incapable of standing up to the woman and like henpecked husbands just say yes dear of course dear.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Official Advice on Filling in your Census form.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Watch out the scientology nutters are about.

The scientologists are actively recruiting in Crowborough for new members to have their neurons screwed over so badly they will actually believe that old Ronny Hubbard was a sane and rational human being.

These nucking futters are busy leafleting the whole town trying to convince people that what they really need in their life is to hand over huge amounts of money to brain dead morons and in return get a third rate sci fi book.

I can almost put up with these cunts living a hippy dippy lifestyle in a commune man in Crowborough as long as they kept themselves to themselves.
What I cant stand is these cunts infiltrating the town and expecting us to volunteer to have our brains fried so we can recruit even more victims for them.Scientology is nothing more than a dodgy pyramid selling scam whereby no one except the people running the scam gets anything apart from a substantially reduced bank balance .
Have nothing to do with them they are complete nutters .Ignore my advice at your peril because if you get involved you are going to get the mother of all mental fuckovers.

One of our councillors even has the cheek to put the Crowborough HQ of Scientology bollocks down as a contact address on their website so the council must be aware that they have a cuckoo in the nest.Mind you a lunatic drone with the personality of a drain pipe and the mental capacity of a car jack will fit in well at Crowborough Town Council.

Tatjana Keenan
Jarvis Brook Ward
Walsh Manor, Walshes Road, Crowborough. TN6 3RB
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