Friday, 4 March 2011

Watch out the scientology nutters are about.

The scientologists are actively recruiting in Crowborough for new members to have their neurons screwed over so badly they will actually believe that old Ronny Hubbard was a sane and rational human being.

These nucking futters are busy leafleting the whole town trying to convince people that what they really need in their life is to hand over huge amounts of money to brain dead morons and in return get a third rate sci fi book.

I can almost put up with these cunts living a hippy dippy lifestyle in a commune man in Crowborough as long as they kept themselves to themselves.
What I cant stand is these cunts infiltrating the town and expecting us to volunteer to have our brains fried so we can recruit even more victims for them.Scientology is nothing more than a dodgy pyramid selling scam whereby no one except the people running the scam gets anything apart from a substantially reduced bank balance .
Have nothing to do with them they are complete nutters .Ignore my advice at your peril because if you get involved you are going to get the mother of all mental fuckovers.

One of our councillors even has the cheek to put the Crowborough HQ of Scientology bollocks down as a contact address on their website so the council must be aware that they have a cuckoo in the nest.Mind you a lunatic drone with the personality of a drain pipe and the mental capacity of a car jack will fit in well at Crowborough Town Council.

Tatjana Keenan
Jarvis Brook Ward
Walsh Manor, Walshes Road, Crowborough. TN6 3RB


Anonymous said...

I have been following the nutters for the last three weeks as they have been going in and out of there camp. today one of them decided to film my number plate, good think the number plate was registered to a different place to where i live, i have now changed my car to a bigger beefier motor, preparing my self for a head on, bull bars spot lights and honey conned number plates. I'm going to find out what they are up to!

Captain Swing said...

What from Manchester?

Anonymous said...

Is that where there coming from? At 11 12 at night?

Anonymous said...

I see them most mornings leaving crowborough (about 8:55) in white mini buses no doubt driving to East Grinstead I would imagine. I have also seen them on occassions at night - driving back about 11:00pm. Day or night, they look absolutely shattered - poor souls. They look like the most miserable group of people in a van that anyone has ever seen. Its a shame people have to belong to something like this....they have minds...break free from it and live your own life. You can...and to hell with all the scientology made-up cult. Your life will be over if you dont wisen up.

Anonymous said...

Strange place I went for a wander with my dog the other day, barred up windows and no one in sight for a huge place.

Looked in some of the windows could have sworn I saw a person running away from sight!

Very spooky, Halloween soon i know where i'm trick or treating for sure!

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