Monday, 12 September 2011

Clued Up Info-Update.

Clued Up info seem very reluctant to tell us where all but £50 of its £78000 income came from last financial year.The accounts all seem to be amended so it doesnt show which organisations actually awarded the grants that makes up the remainder.
Well I can inform you all that Clued Up is actually part of the Youth Development Service of ESCC and the lions share of the grants come from the taxpayer via ESCC.The other main giver of taxpayers money is Crowborough Town Council whose Mayor is none other than Kay Moss who (by sheer coincidence)is also a trusteee of Clued Up.
What would be the motive the YDS aka Clued Up hiding who gave them money I hear you ask.Well in truth I dont know but what I do know is that one of the criteria for the Town Council handing out taxpayers money in the form of grants is that "bodies self funded or provided for by other authorities" would not be eligible for funding by them .So according to CTCs own rules Clued Up shouldnt get a penny from the Town Council because its funds are largely provided by other authorities.
Obviously different rules apply if the Mayor happens to be a trustee of the charity and an employee of ESCC.Nothing to see here move along.

Perhaps I should also mention that the town council insists usually that any unspent funds are returned to them.Why the hell then hasnt Clued Up returned all the Crowborough residents money when its got £55,000 cash in the bank to carry over. Obviously different rules again.


Anonymous said...

It is high time that searching questions were asked by town councillors to try and ascertain what precisely are the benefits that we, the funders, gain from the existence of this secretive organisation. It is the perfect example of a "sacred cow". Any councillor who dares to seek transparency on this council is open to attack. Don`t ask me how I know!

Captain Swing said...

No transparency ,no democracy no interest is how I would sum up the town in general.

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