Saturday, 17 September 2011

Boundary Changes

The proposals are out and I had the opportunity to have my say in the local paper.
At the moment the parliamentary constituency of Wealden is contained within the Local Authority area of Wealden.Crowborough,Uckfield and Hailsham are the largest towns.Under the proposals a new constituency of Weald will be created with Crowborough joining areas of Kent but losing Uckfield and Hailsham.
Politically and physically Crowborough will become just a dot on the map and I cant really see another MP having the local knowledge or interest in the area that Charles Hendry does.If we are relying on the Town Council to
represent our interests to the MP we are really in trouble .Towns with more vocal and democratically elected Parish/Town Councils will represent their towns interests over and above a disfunctional council such as Crowborough Town Council .Like Mr Rochesters wife Crowborough will be put in the loft of the constituency and forgotten about.Unless we get a local person to stand as MP for the new Weald constituency we are screwed politically.
Realistically will it make any difference come the next election,probably not.My only hope is that people will realise that voting for the same old same old achieves nothing and will wake up to the merits of voting for UKIP .Unfortuanately just as many people oop North would vote for a pig if it had a labour sticker on it many people down here would vote for a pig as long as it had a Conservative or Lib dem sticker on it .

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