Friday, 27 August 2010

Poor Old Clive Wilsons house.

Google Earth image of poor old Clive (Dunn)Wilsons not insubstantial abode.

Poor old Clive (Dunn) Wilson  isnt as poor as he makes out.Despite his protestations that he cant afford a computer or  a home internet connection and wants us to pay for both his pad doesnt look too bad to me.

As suspected unelected, undemocratic poor old Clive is just a hypocritical trougher who wants the taxpayers of Crowborough to dig deep into their pockets in order to pay for his new laptop and Wi Fi.

Poor old Clive is supposed to be an architect so it does surprise me a little that his house has all the architectural merit of a dog turd which is handy because the footpath that borders his pad is known locally as dog shit alley.

To complete the troughers happy families pack poor old clives old woman is a Wealden councillor so troughing runs in the family.

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