Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Gordon runs like a coward.

Faced with a member of the public with a legitimate gripe Gordon shits himself and legs it back to his car.

School allocations are biased against the hard working kids in favour of windowlickers ,immigrants and pikeys.If you dont fall within one of the Governments preferred groups your kid will be sent to a shithole school where they can expect to
be top of the class by just writing their name.The whole system is a fucking disgrace and the worst thing is that authorities like Sussex just lick labours arse and do their social engineering for them with the aim of destroying the good schools by introducing pupils with the academic ability of a retarded amoeba.
I have had first hand experience of secondary school allocations and if Gordon or Ed Ballsup ever visits anywhere near Crowborough (please god)they can expect a bit more than a gentle heckle .

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