Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sussex Police-useless to the core.

What planet is this man on? Sal Miah is a restaurant owner in Crowborough, and when a party of yobs tried to make their presence felt, he chased them down and held them in the bar while his staff dialled 999. It's the next bit that gets me:

The married father-of-five assumed (Sussex) Police would commend him for catching the young criminals.

Why? Doesn't he know that Sussex, like other constabularies, will always take the word over a whining hoodie against a normal person? He should have expected to spend five hours in police cells for his reckless action, and to have his DNA stolen for the illegal national database! And naturally the downland dopes are in no mood to apologize. They know they are right

Hat Tip Dock Green

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Captain Swing said...

Sussex Police farce have beeen forced into a grovelling apology.
They have withdrawn the caution but kept his DNA and fingureprints.

Harvesting DNA its what the stasi police do

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