Thursday, 21 January 2010

Police -armed and totally useless.

The above picture shows our "wonderful" friendly bobbies going about their business.

I have no idea where the picture was taken but their attempt to make themselves look "ard"fails miserably.What is the point of poncing around like extras from some crappy B movie wielding MP5s.
Analyse the picture carefully and you will realise that a very unsubtle message is being put across by this picture.It is saying to the general public that the Police are in charge and they can do pretty much what they please because they are armed and we are not.
No doubt there is a reason for coppers to be wandering around brandishing weapons but for the life of me I cant think of it.
The Police are always going on about getting weapons off our street but obviously this doesnt apply to them.Law abiding members of the public have been stripped of their legally held firearms so now we have a situation where only criminals and the Police have guns.

So a few tips to our boys in blue (who I know like to visit now and then).

1)Dont walk around around with weapons at the ready because we all know you will end up shooting yourself or some poor innocent member of the public.
2)If you want to wander around armed then join the Armed forces and patrol in some 3rd word shithole where every man,boy and child has got an AK47 and is not afraid to use it.
3) If your aim is to protect us against nasty terrorists then get with the programme and walk the walk.

Poncing around with a 9mm semi automatic weapon whilst wearing an anti stab vest isnt really going to cut it if the bullets start to fly.Waving a weapon around to say "look at me ive got a gun" makes you look a knob with "shoot" me stuck on your back.
If you are going to tackle religious nutters who are not afraid of dying then I would suggest you put away your peashooters and get off the streets.The chances of a terrorist walking up the high street brandishing a 9mm is less than zero so lets face it guys put them away as its not big and its not clever.If by any chance anyone did decide to take the Police on face to face I am sad to say that there is a good chance that PC 9mm is going to come off worse.
The Police just havnt got a clue have they-do they honestly think that an anti stab vest is going to stop anything .The weapon of choice for terrorists is the AK47 which fires a 7.62 round and the weapon of choice in this country has always been the good old shotgun (sawn off or not sawn off).We have highly trained individuals in this country ,called the military, who know how to handle terrorists .Experience in Northern Ireland shows the best way to handle terrorists is to do it on your terms and not theirs.Use intelligence to ambush them before they ambush you.
I heard a story from someone who served in Northern Ireland that an undercover Army unit came across mr armed terrorist.Rather than charge in like a headless chicken they followed mr t
from afar and waited.At some point mr t decided to have a crap before setting up an ambush.
When he had finished mr t bent down to pick up his weapon and was taken out by being shot up the arse by a single 7.62 round from a SLR rifle.
Knowing the Police these days the individuals in the picture were probably going to arrest someone at gunpoint for not closing their bins properly or calling a pikey a pikey.

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