Tuesday, 1 September 2009

NSPCC (fake charity) reveals that teenagers lie about everything.

One in three teenage girls in Britain is sexually abused by their boyfriend, while a quarter are physically assaulted, a new report has revealed.
More than 1,300 youngsters aged 13 to 17 took part in the survey for the report on abusive teenage relationships.
Researchers from the University of Bristol supported by the NSPCC and Big Lottery Fund aimed to find out the incidence and impact of teen partner violence.
They found nearly nine out of 10 girls have been in an intimate relationship.
Of these, one in six said they had been pressured into having sex, while one in 16 said they had been raped.

What a total load of cock this is on so many levels.For a start dont believe anything that involves the NSPCC because it is nothing more than a fake government funded charity thats sole job is to push the Nu Liebor anti male,anti white,anti British agenda personified by Brown and that bitch Harman.

Secondly dont believe a word of what 13 to 17 year old tell you.If asked especially by some lezzer social worker type all the boys will say they are having sex 5 times a day with a Swedish nympho whilst taking drugs and drinking 15 pints of stella every day.The girls will tell that they have had sex unintentionally with 20+ males whilst drinking 20 slammers a day and taking industrial quantities of drugs.Teenagers lie about everything and anything so any stupid twat asking them questions and expecting a straight answer is retarded in the extreme.

The survey was carried out on 1300 youngsters(not picked at random) who responded because they had (according to them)suffered violence in a relationship.The numpties at the NSPCC have extrapolated the results from this tiny biased sample to somehow relate to the whole teenage population.
Its like asking people who smoke to take part in a survey and then publish that 9 out of 10 people smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day.Total bollocks but of course the governments propaganda wing aka the BBC have jumped on this and I would put my last penny that in a few days time bitch harman will be announcing another crap initiative in order to keep the evil males of the species where they belong which according to her is 6 ft under.

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