Thursday, 22 January 2009

Paddock Wood

Been to Paddock Wood today.What a strange place.

Everyone in the High Street was either hobbling around on sticks pretending to be disabled and/ or looking like they had just escaped from the local loony bin.

It just goes to prove that inbreeding is a definite no no if you want to have kids with intellect higher than a jellyfish.

Then I realised that I was paying for these retards to breed with other retards and produce a further generation of retards.

My advice to all sane people is AVOID Paddock Wood unless you want to star in a sequel to the film deliverance.Squeal piggy squeal !!

You never have a gun on you when you need one.


TractorStats said...

Dear Captain I plead with you to post up another picture of someone else, that picture of me does not show my best side as I'm sat on that now to protect my anonymity.


TS of Paddock Wood

Robert the Biker said...

Moved to Wadhurst over the Christmas period; seemed a lovely place when we were looking at the properties but as soon as we'd paid out the ackers, the mongs came out of the woodwork.
Tin legs of money - check
dog on a string - check
yer sisters also yer auntie - check
Thank God we're on a private road near the station, the sight of people going to work puts the Jethros right off their Stella.

Captain Swing said...

No place is safe from pikeys and or retards.
Hopefully natural selection will come to our aid.

If not we are truly fucked.

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