Thursday, 30 October 2008

Proper Copper

Re my previous post about contacting the proper Police if you have the need.

I need to perhaps clear up any misunderstanding.Even if you call the Police dont expect them to do much unless the crime falls into one of the following categories.

1)The Victim is not English

2)A pikey has been called a pikey.

3)Someone has a Gollywog or ceramic Pig on display in their own home.

4)Someone who is white and English has overstayed their parking ticket by half a milisecond.

Anything else and you might be lucky to get a crime number and the telephone number for victim support but as far as immediate action you can forget it.The Police in general are just a branch of social services dedicated to whizzing around in their little helicopter looking into peoples private property and enforcing the dictats from Herr Jackie von Smith our glorious social engineer.(fat cow more like)

A cousin of mine was one of the murder victims in Tunbridge Wells 2 decades ago.Despite Kent Police having a DNA profile of the murderer they have done absolutely F### All .

We have all had the Saint Stephen Lawrence case rammed down our throat because he was black and we are all so racist nasty people.My cousin was white so no mention about her and no effort has been put into finding the scum that killed her.No political capital in investigating the murder of two white girls so nothing gets done .

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